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Roadtour 855 SPE

Hercules® Tire Previews Roadtour® 855 SPE at 2015 SEMA Show

Today Hercules Tire announced the upcoming release of its Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE premium all-season touring tire. The Roadtour 855 SPE incorporates exceptional materials and progressive design to deliver a luxury touring tire with enhanced traction, precise handling and an incredibly quiet ride – all with up to 85,000 miles of warranty coverage.
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Raptis R-T5

Hercules® Tire Highlights New Products in SEMA Booth #43079

Hercules Tire is pleased to showcase its latest offerings at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Hercules will be located in Booth #43079, where the company will be featuring new consumer lines such as the ultra-high performance Hercules Raptis® R-T5, all new medium truck tire offerings, and new sizes in popular existing Hercules products.
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All Country M/T

Hercules Announces Increased Production of Ironman® All Country® M/T

Hercules Tire announced increased production of its Ironman All Country M/T off-road tire to meet demand created by its introduction at the 2014 SEMA Show. The All Country M/T delivers outstanding off-road traction in the most adverse conditions and excellent durability in extended off-road use.
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Hercules Tire Introduces Three New Ironman I-Series Patterns

Hercules Tire is pleased to introduce three brand new offerings in the Ironman I-Series medium truck line-up. Two new all-position tires and one for trailer applications further expand what is quickly becoming a broad selection of truck tires.
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Hercules Expands H-901 All Steel LT Offering

Hercules Tire has added two new sizes to the popular Hercules H-901 highway all steel commercial LT offering. The durable H-901 is now available in LT225/75R16/12 and LT245/75R16/12. In addition, new production has started on the original size, LT235/85R16/14.
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